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About us

Well, there is no "us". There is just me: Rick, and this website is a solo project of mine. Unitestreetart has been created to help (aspiring) graffiti artists reach out to potential customers worldwide, and vice versa. I know that the typical artist's credo dictates that you should not try to make money from your art. I disagree: if you have the skills to create artwork that people are willing to pay for, feel free to try and make some money out of it. Customers too, are welcome to join this community. Whether you're looking for someone to spraypaint a wall in your home or you're looking for an artist to take on a bigger project, this is the place where you will find the right people in your area.

Why street art?

If you look around, you will see street art everywhere: most of it is not very good-looking. If you really pay attention though, you will see amazing artwork in pretty much every city in the world. Graffiti is a global phenomenon that still carries with it the negative weight from the past. The time of vandalizing public property is slowly coming to an end, and commercial graffiti is gaining popularity. Commercial graffiti is, as the name states, artwork that is being paid for by a customer.

Why this website?

A while back I was thinking about decorating my new apartment and I thought it would be nice to have some kind of spraypaint art on one of the walls. The problem was: I could not find a graffiti artist in my area that suited my needs. I did some more research and came to the conclusion that it's difficult to find skilled graffiti artists if you're a customer who is not already familiar with the steert art scene. It was then that I decided I would build a website to facilitate this process and help graffiti artists and customers get in touch with each other through a dedicated platform.

That's it.

It's time for you to see if unitestreetart can help you in finding what you need, whatever it is you're looking for. If any questions are still unanswered feel free to contact me using the form here or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] I will make sure every message will be answered personally and within a day.

- Rick

About could be called a social platform, in that it attempts to connect a specific audience. In addition to bringing these people together, it is my goal to do my part in trying to make the world (and the media) understand that street art and graffiti is not 100% vandalism anymore. If this website will help in making people realize that commercial graffiti is capable of rejuvenating neighborhoods and other urban areas, then my wish has been fulfilled.

Since "normal" graffiti is still illegal, making grow will be an uphill battle against popular opinion. I am willing to do my part to make the world understand that the era of graffiti vandalism is coming to an end and the era of commercial graffiti has arrived, and anyone registering on this website is helping to further this cause.

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