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What is unitestreetart?

Unitestreetart is a social platform designed to facilitate the process of communication between graffiti artists and potential customers. We combine several features of (well-known) social media websites and introduce features that are specific to graffiti artists. In addition, we only require the very basic of information, all other information is optional. This allows artists to remain anonymous while using unitestreetart.

As shown on the frontpage: the purpose of unitestreetart is to promote legal artwork.

Who is unitestreetart created for?

The main purpose of unitestreetart is to bring together supply and demand and make it easier for graffiti artists and customers to get in touch with each other. Graffiti artists and their skills are the supply, customers that need these skills for a specific project are the demand. In the end however, the community may steer the platform in other directions. There is no specific set of rules.

I'm not an artist, is there any use for me register?

Definitely, perhaps you want a piece of art on your garagedoor or the wall in your bedroom? This is the place to find artists in your area. You can check out an artist's portfolio, biography, reviews and more before you decide to contact this person: it's up to you.

I'm an artist, why should I use this website?

Unitestreetart aims to unite graffiti artists that want to shed off the artist credo that states that "you shouldn't try to make money with your artwork". We disagree: if creating art is your passion it is only logical that you would try to get some money out of it. After all, who wouldn't want to get paid for doing what they love?

We offer you a global platform to get in touch with other artists and potential customers.

I already get paid for my street art. What's the point of registering?

It depends. Are you satisfied with the current amount of customers you're reaching? If you're looking to increase your reach, this website is here to help you make it happen. You can reach people from anywhere in the world on unitestreetart, not just your own town or city.

Do I have to pay to use unitestreetart?

No, unitestreetart is free to use for artists and customers.

Do I have to pay commissions?

No, unitestreetart does not require commissions. Payment is a matter between customers and artists: unitestreetart will not take up the role of middleman, nor is unitestreetart responsible for any payment matters.

Is offering street art legal?

Graffiti is illegal in most countries. Commercial graffiti however, is gaining popularity. As the name states, this is graffiti that is being paid for. Commercial graffiti and street art is what unitestreetart is about.

Can I register without using my real name?

We only require your e-mailaddress to complete the registration. After that, it's up to you what personal information you decide to share on your profilespace.

Is it possible to delete my account?

Yes. Deleting your account is very simple, you can click the profile settings icon in the top-left corner of your profile. There you may choose the option "Delete account".

I see something that's inappropriate, where can I report this?

Please contact us through the contact page here or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Didn't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us.

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